One of the tidbits we came across at the NAEYC conference last week was information about a new initiative called Act Early, which is sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services.

They’ve compiled a list of milestones to help parents gauge their young children’s development. The video below is a good overview of the program.” width=”66″ height=”66″ alt=”Baby Steps: Learn the Signs Act Early. Flash Player 9 is required.” />

If you have any trouble viewing the video, the original version is here. If you are on a slower internet connection, you can read a transcript of the video here.

It’s important to remember that children develop skills at different rates, but developmental checklists such as these are handy tools for parents who want to learn more about “normal” development. Early intervention has a big impact for children with developmental delays.

There are many more resources on the Centers for Disease Control Act Early page.

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