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Out and About at Gretchen’s House: Mt. Vernon’s Lorax Tree

July 27, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

We occasionally feature posts from our centers’ private MyHouse blogs to highlight the good work teachers are doing every day. This post comes from Mt. Vernon teacher Nicole Stewart.

A few months ago we had the tree in our backyard cut down because it was dying. All that was left was a stump in the ground. We had the idea of carving something into the tree so we asked the children what they would like and they decided on The Lorax. Brad drew the picture of The Lorax scene onto the stump and then on Friday we had a carver come in and carve it for us. It turned out great. The children were sitting at the window and watching the process from the inside. Once it was finished they all went outside to look at it. They name all the characters from the story and talk about the movie. Here are some photos of the process.


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Hope Vestergaard was an early childhood teacher for many years, and was center director at GH Stadium for two years before shifting to work behind the scenes. She currently writes many of our curricular materials including the Purple Pages and edits this website.

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