Gretchen’s House will provide and apply insect repellent as needed*, according to the following guidelines:

  • Do not use repellent containing DEET on children who may lick their skin.
  • Do not use repellent containing DEET on children under the age of 2 years.
  • Children 2 years and older may have insect repellent applied sparingly to the back of their necks, legs, and arms. Avoid the hands, so that repellent does not get rubbed in children’s eyes.
  • Our consulting pediatrician has recommended using only those insect repellents with less than 10% DEET.

The following repellents fit that guideline and have been named acceptable by Child Health Associates for use with children older than 2 years of age:

  • Skedaddle lotion 6.5% DEET
  • Skedaddle 4 hour lotion 9.5% DEET
  • Skintastic for Children (by OFF brand) 7.5% DEET

The following insect repellents have been named unacceptable by Child Health Associates:

  • Tick OFF
  • Deep Woods OFF Maximum Strength
  • Muskol Lotion
  • Muskol Cream
  • All 100% DEET solutions

Parents who do not want their child to receive insect repellent should indicate this on the Permission Form in their child’s file.

Parents who wish to have their child use a repellent which does not meet our guidelines must fill out a Medication Release Form.

*Please Note: Our consulting pediatrician recommends that children be bathed prior to bedtime on days when insect repellent has been applied. Staff will post a card on the parent sign-in/sign-out board that indicates if insect repellent has been used on a given day. It is parents’ responsibility to check for this information when they sign their child/ren out at the end of the day.