Updated March 2023:  Spaces are limited. Please contact the center in which you are interested in for this program.

As of 5/2014: *Due to high demand, this program is now limited to children who have been previously enrolled in a Gretchen’s House program.

Gretchen’s House’s Junior Counselor program provides a supervised and structured environment for young teens between 11-15 years of age.  This experience is meant to augment the teen’s summer experience —  not replace the need for full-time supervision.

Our Goals:

  • To provide young teens an opportunity to experience a “real work” situation, and to explore a career in early childhood education.
  • To give young teens good role models and training sessions from which they can learn how to interact appropriately with young children.

Guidelines for Junior Counselors:

  1. Arrive on time and ready for work.
  2. Call the center if unable to work for any scheduled day or time. Teachers and children depend upon your presence.
  3. Follow the direction and supervision of teachers in the classroom. Ask questions if you don’t understand or disagree with a teacher. Remember there is a lot to know and learn about working with young children, and the teachers in your room know their children and program the best. They are trained professionals.
  4. Read and follow the Guidelines for Jr. Counselors

Who May Apply to be a Junior Counselor?
Any person 11-15 years of age who has been previously enrolled in a Gretchen’s House program may apply to become a Junior Counselor. Students for this program are interviewed and selected on the basis of space available and the individual’s ability to follow the Junior Counselor guidelines. Only one Junior Counselor is allowed to work in a classroom at any given time during the day. Junior Counselors have the option of working one to five mornings per week– no full days or afternoons. More than one counselor may work in the same classroom on different days or different hours from one another.

Teens may volunteer to participate in the program or receive payment as agreed upon between their parent and the center.  Please see the contract for details.