Toddlers have many passions.

Toddlers have many passions.

Everyone knows the phrase “Terrible Twos,” but the amount of development that takes place between one and three years of age can better be described as terribly exciting! Toddlers acquire an amazing number of skills between ages 1 to 3. Language, mobility, increasing independence…children also begin to work on toileting and impulse control. At Gretchen’s House, we support toddlers’ emotional, physical and cognitive development by providing routines and rituals that are consistent, comfortable, and attuned to individuals’ needs and interests.

Our toddler toys and activities encourage children to test, explore, and master new skills and concepts. Classrooms and furnishings account for toddlers’ high energy levels and the challenges of sharing materials and space. Toddlers go outside every day for playground time, neighborhood walks, and often take their activities outdoors.

Toilet learning is an ongoing part of the curriculum for all toddlers as we talk about body parts and bodily functions in context throughout the day. Children who are interested in using the toilet do so at will, with assistance and gentle reminders from caregivers. Most children are toilet trained around the age of three years, some earlier and some later. We work with parents to note signs of readiness and develop routines that provide consistency between home and school. You can read more specifics about our approach to the subject in our Toilet Learning Purple Page.

Our teacher-to-child ratio for toddlers is generally 1:4. For older toddlers (2 ½ +), the ratio may be 1:5 for much of the day.

To learn more about how our programs target toddler development, please click on the appropriate Active Learning Brochure below. Remember that milestones for each group are averages. The age group brochure above or below your child’s actual age may be more appropriate for your child and this is still perfectly normal development.

To learn more specifics about our curriculum, please visit our content area pages.