New 7/2014: Order GH Apparel Online!

Ordering will be available through the webstore or Harmony during the months of February, May, September & November. You can expect your items to be delivered to you the month after ordering. You may still order the old-fashioned way—filling out a paper order form and sending it over to the Administrative offices (directions below), but advantages to ordering online are:

  • It’s faster. No middleman to slow things down.
  • The price will be the same as ordering with a paper form.
  • No mix-ups about which colors are available in which styles and sizes. Drop down boxes will make the choices easy to understand.
  • You’ll still get your shirt delivered to your center.
  • There will be no deduction from your paycheck; therefore, no more wondering why your paycheck amount is different from what you were expecting!

Here’s how to order online:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (to make it easier for me to figure out who ordered what), but this information will not be shared with anyone else.
  3. Order anytime. All orders submitted will be processed once a month. The second Friday of each month will be the cutoff for each month’s orders, and item will be available 7-10 days later.

New Staff: To get your free shirt when you complete the orientation booklet you will still need to fill out an order form and send it over to Harmony at Administration. (There is no way to order a free shirt through the website). That form is here: GH Apparel Order Form.

Ordering GH Apparel the “Old-Fashioned” way:

Any questions? Contact Harmony.