Our menu changes twice a year.  Once in May, then again in October.  Menus are categorized as Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter.  Before these changes happen, our menus are reviewed by a NAEYC approved dietitian.   A few important aspects the dietitian looks for are:

  • The Gretchen’s House menu provides appropriate and nutritional food
  • Gretchen’s House serves appropriate food portion sizes to the child throughout the day
  • Gretchen’s House limits juice, sugar, sodium and saturated fats
  • Gretchen’s House has policies in place to accommodate special feeding needs
  • Gretchen’s House has policies in place for food brought from home
  • A food Service guideline is provided to all staff to ensure appropriate food service operations

Fall/Winter 2022-23 Menu

Many of you may have heard that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released reports that trace amounts of glyphosate, the chemical found in Roundup, has been found in several popular cereals. Until more information is available, Gretchen’s House centers will not serve the cereals listed as containing these chemicals.

While there is still much to learn about these findings, we feel it is a relatively easy change, and worth the inconvenience. We will share information with you on this and other health topics as they become available.

The article, below, provides a summary of the study:


For more information, visit the Environmental Working Group’s website at https://www.ewg.org/


Heidi McFadden

Executive Director