Gretchen's House Preschool

Problem-Solving and team work is a part of Preschool.

One hallmark of the preschool years is burgeoning independence. At Gretchen’s House, we see this in children’s shift from focusing on interactions with adults to truly engaging with their peers rather than merely playing alongside one another. Project work and social role playing give children plenty of opportunities to develop social skills such as turn-taking, impulse control, empathy, and compromise. Our familiar routines, consistent rules, and challenging activities boost preschool children’s confidence in their own abilities while helping them make sense of their world and establish a sense of control.

Each day, we balance quiet and activities as well as individual and group work. Projects allow children to revisit and build on new ideas, as well as develop a big picture view as they learn concepts within context. Our interest centers target math, science, literacy, and creativity and encourage children to make connections across curriculum. Preschoolers have apparently boundless energy, and our programs encourage them to move, groove, build, and work their bodies on our playgrounds and in our gyms.

Our teacher-to-child ratio is in the preschool room is 1:8-10.

To learn more about how our programs target preschooler development, please click on the appropriate Active Learning Brochure below. Remember that milestones for each group are averages. The age group brochure above or below your child’s actual age may be more appropriate for your child and this is still perfectly normal development.

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