Teacher Testimonials

“I’m proud to be part of the Gretchen’s House community. The experience of working with professional Early Childhood Educators, with an emphasis on training, professional development and growth, is unbeatable.”

“I like working at Gretchen’s House because we have so much internal support built into our company.
It’s really great to have so many talented people as resources.”

“After working here for 5 years, I consider my co- workers an extension of my family. They help make Gretchen’s House a fun, loving, and positive place to be!”

“I am proud to work at a Gretchen’s House. I can honestly say that I work at the only center I would be willing to send my own children to.”

“I love the respect towards adults and children at Gretchen’s House. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to be in.”

“The quality of care Gretchen’s House provides to children and families is matched with the quality care they provide to its staff.”

“I enjoy working with dedicated teachers who share the same values and love for children.”

“I really value that families look to us as experts in their child’s development. It’s such a compliment knowing that they value our opinions so highly. Although some days can be chaotic, the people and children make it all worth it!”

“Gretchen’s House has provided me with so much more than employment. It has given me the skills and experiences to continue my passion of enriching the lives of children, and has taught me the foundations required to properly advocate within the child development field.”

“The staff are incredibly friendly, and use my pronouns (they/them) regularly. When I’ve made mistakes, I’ve always been corrected kindly. I’ve learned so much in such a short time frame!”

“I love the fact that I work with other PROFESSIONALS, that we encourage each other to do more, to learn more, and that we always support one another. We are positive role models for the children, who see that we don’t just work together, we are friends.”

“I really feel like I’m part of a team. When things are going well, we all share the glory and when things are rough, for individuals or the group, we all pitch in to help make things better.”